What is DTS?

DTS stands for Digital Theatre System. It uses a series of multichannel audio technologies. DTS was made by DTS Inc., an American company specializing in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial and consumer grade applications. DTS provides many flexible solutions designed to maximize the audio experience from consumer electronics devices and offers a selection of flexible high quality tools to encode, edit and QC.


In 1995, it was published and since then was famous as The Digital Experience.

In 2008, DTS Digital Cinema divestes form The Cinema Division.

In 2009, DTS Digital Cinema was purchased by Beaufort International Group Plc. and changed it name to Datasat Digital Entertainment.   

In 2011, The DTS Cinema brand dropped and Datasat Digital Entertainment has also announced a range of very high-end consumer audio processing products. And the original company DTS Inc. continues developing and licensing DTS products in the home consumer market with their enthusiasm.

In 2012, DTS, Inc. announced that it acquired the business of SRS Labs, including 1000+ audio patents and trademarks.

The development of DTS audio codec:

At beginning, although almost all of music and movie DVDs have delivery services for it, the sound system of DTS was not a branch of the DVD specification. The DVD title must carry one or more primary audio tracks in AC-3 or LPCM format. And DVD players couldn’t recognize audio tracks, too. It uses a similar codec with DTS CD-ROM media. Consumer version of the DTS standard is theirs operate system. They modified the DVD specification to allow users set preferences from DTS audio tracks’ inclusion.

At present, produce new DVD players can decode DTS or pass it through an external decoder. The users can easily select their preferences from audio code.

Nearly, the core stream is matched with DTS decoders. But DTS decoders couldn’t support the extension which providing additional dataset to implement the additional performance and is important to improve functions. DTS can decode all standalone receivers and many integrated DVD players/receivers manufactured today. In addition to the standard 5.1-channel DTS Surround codec, the company has several other technologies in its product transformation to compete with Dolby Labs which is one of theirs competitor. It makes Sound really changes the way we see!

DTS’s products:

3.1 DTS 70 mm

3.2 DTS-ES

3.3 DTS Neo:6

3.4 DTS Neo:X

3.5 DTS 96/24

3.6 DTS-HD High Resolution Audio

3.7 DTS-HD Master Audio

3.8 DTS Connect

3.9 Others that include DTS Headphone and DTS Surround Sensation

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