Retrieve Registration Code

Enter the order number or the email you used to place the order. Forgot it ?


Only the keys bought on can be found.

You will receive both the key you bought and the purchase link for a second code with $15 special offer.

Registration FAQs

Find more about registration resolution here

  • How do I register Mac Blu-ray Player?
  • I have two Macs, can I use the registration code on different computers?
  • I didn't receive any emails about the registration code after I bought this software, where can I find it?
  • How often can I activate the registration code?
  • Why is my registration code invalid?
  • Please follow these steps:

    a) Run Mac Blu-ray Player, a Registration dialogue will pop up.

    b) Enter Email Address and Registration Code and click "Register".

    When you register, please make sure that there is no space on the left/right of your email/code. We recommend you copy/paste your email and code to the register-window.

  • According to Macgo's regulation, one license could only be used on one computer. Double systems or multiple users on one computer will be considered as different computers working.

    If you want to use it on more than one computer, please contact us at Macgo support team and we will send you the purchasing link for the second code.

  • Usually the confirmation email with the registration code is sent by the third party after you purchased the software.

    You can check your spam box in case that it was blocked by your mailbox. If you still can't find it there, please provide your order number or purchasing email to contact us at Macgo support team.

  • There are five times every year for Macgo registration code activation. If registration code activation times are outnumbered, it will pop up a tip that said "Registration failed. Your registration code activation limit is reached."

    The registration code purchased from Macgo website can only be used by the purchaser him/her self. Please do not leak or give the registration code to others.

  • There are two solutions:

    a) Update the software.

    b) Directly copy the registration code and paste it.

    Please do note to ensure that there is no space on both sides of the registration box.

    If the problem still exists, please contact Macgo support team.



1. The email address should be the one you used to order our product.

2. Please allow about 10 minutes for the auto-reply email to arrive your inbox.

3. Please check the spam folder in case the auto-reply email is filtered as spam.

4. If you try this self-service with no luck, please contact us to request your license key.

5. If you purchase the product from our agency, you may not retrieve the code as they don't share customer information with us.