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Technical Help

  • What do I do when it pops up the message “fail to open/play the disc”?

    Please send the support team a log file by the following steps: 1. Run Mac Bluray Player, tick 'Debug mode' from Help menu. 2. Play the disc/file. 3. Wait a moment, a log file will be created on your Desktop. 4. You will find the log file, please send it to

  • Why is the Blu-ray films playback unsmooth?

    Please send our support team a screenshot of the "Device I/O speed rate" by the following steps:
    1. Run Mac Blu-ray Player, and tick the "Performance Test" under the "Help" menu.
    2. Play the Blu-ray film and wait processing for a couple seconds.
    3. Then the "Performance Test" dialogue will pop up, which shows the "Device I/O speed rate".
    4. Snapshot the dialogue and send it to

  • How can I set the Mac Blu ray player to my default player?

    You can do by the following steps: First, open system preferences of Mac. Second, open CDs&DCDs under Hardware. Third, Choose Mac Blu-ray Player as default player for the item “when you insert a video DVD”.

  • How can I get the encoded Output through my receiver?

    Please try the steps below: Mac Blu-ray Player > Preferences> Audio, and then please click on "Use S/PDIF when available". After setting this, you will get the pass through of DTS 7.1.

  • Why your player just play a part of the movie? Not the extras?

    You can do by the following steps: Mac Blu-ray Player> Preferences> Blu-ray, and then please un-tick "Sort Titles" and try it again.

  • Do I need a blu-ray drive to connect to my Mac through USB? Do you have one work well with your player?

    If you want to play blu-ray discs on Mac, then you need a blu-ray drive which can support blu-ray discs. If your blu-ray disc just ejected by your Mac, then it is highly possible that your drive doesn't support blu-ray discs. Here below is the blu-ray drive which works like a charm with our software: click here

  • Why does Mac Blu-ray Player need internet connection sometimes?

    Many users have such doubts that why Mac Blu-ray Player need to access into Internet during Blu-ray Disc decryption. We would like to say that this method is the best way to help all users saving decrypting time and optimizing our service.
    1.One Blu-ray Disc only need one decrypting process. The users who have the same disc will not do decryption once again. This can be the fastest solution to the increasingly faster Internet connection.
    2.Some cases, like clients that are not updated fail to open discs, will be wiped off. This makes it possible for Mac Blu-ray Player to open new discs without being updated sometimes.
    3.Protections are getting better and better, for their designers learn the decrypters in our competitors products and counter attack as well. There is no counter measure to our system hidden on our servers. Actually, we are affected by the evolution of the game as well, but at least, there is a little bit “help” to the protectors.
    4.Better for users’ sake, decryption data in Mac Blu-ray Player will be covered, so Internet connection will not be needed for some discs. A chart with BD+ generations and the conditions will be published when an Internet connection is needed.
    In view of the above, Internet connection will be needed by the new discs.

  • What kind of Mac computer can play Blu-ray movies?

    System Requirements:
    Mac: OS X 10.5+ to 10.9, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended, 512 MB or higher recommended, 250 MB of free disk space. A internal or external Blu-ray drive.USB≥ 2.0 or FireWire≥ 400,Internet Connection.
    PC: Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or equivalent AMD Athlon™ processor or higher recommended, 512 MB or higher recommended, 250 MB of free disk space.A internal or external Blu-ray drive,Internet Connection.

  • Can I play only Blu-ray Discs?

    No. Mac Blu-ray Player can play not only Blu-ray discs but also DVDs, music, video, audio and photo. All media formats supported here: Blu-ray, DVD, VideoCD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3 and more.

  • Can I use the Mac Blu-ray Player on a PC?

    Mac Blu-Ray Player has two versions: Mac version and Windows version. You can choose the right version to match your computer system.

  • Does the output video have the same quality as the original Blu-ray video?

    Mac Blu-ray Player can directly play Blu-ray and DVD movie without any quality loss. It allows full preservation of all audio tracks (like DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD Audio, etc.), subs streams, chapter markers and videos.

  • How can I get the free version product?

    Please just click on "Cancel" button when asked to register and you will get our free version. Mac Bluray Player is sold as "try-before-you-buy" software. Free version has watermark while playing Blu-Ray discs. This functional limitation will disappear after you purchase the software. Other file formats like MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3 are 'watermark free'. NO 30 days time limited, so you have enough time to verify the program's functionality.

After Sales

  • What do I do when the pop-up indicates 'The data of the Blu-ray Disc was corrupted'?

    If indicated, it means that your Blu-ray Disc has been scratched or the data has been corrupted, so the Mac Blu-ray Player can't read the information on the disc.

  • Why does the video keep freezing 4-5 seconds when I try to play a Blu-ray film?

    When you playback Blu-ray films, about 4-5 seconds are needed to remove the Blu-ray protection with network. After the decryption,internet connection will not be required anymore. Please let us know which country you come from, because our network servers have been placed just in United States now. In some areas, the link to the network needs long time, so we will increase the number of servers in other areas as soon as possible to enhance the networking speed in different countries.

  • Why are some mouse functions disabled when playing back Blu-ray Disc movies?

    Mouse failed to control the features that a Blu-ray Disc provides. Because some Blu-ray Disc titles forbid using a mouse to control the selection of content. Solution: Please use the keyboard instead of the mouse to control the selection movements.

  • When I play Blu-ray or DVDs Discs, Mac Blu-ray Player always crashes. What’s the problem?

    It could be a software/ hardware conflict. Please try the following to solve this issue.
    1) Reinstall Mac Blu-ray Player.
    2) Update to the latest patch (Click update inside Mac Blu-ray Player)
    3) Close other applications when running
    If the situation persists, please contact Mac Blu-ray Player Technical Support.

  • What do I do when it fails to play?

    You need to get the log file and sent it to us. You can get the file in this way:
    1. Run Mac Blu-ray Player, and tick 'Debug Mode' from Help menu.
    2. Play the disc.
    3. Wait a moment, several files will be created on your Desktop.
    4. Find the log file and send it to us.

  • How to deal with the unusual playback, for instance, the sound problem, unclear picture, unsmooth playback, etc?

    First of all, play the Blu-ray Disc, and make sure that you have a Blu-ray driver which is connected to the network. Now we add the debug mode for our users, and you can intercept a part of the video file from the disc with playback unusual. You can get this file by below way:
    1. Run Mac Blu-ray Player, tick 'Debug Mode' from Help menu.
    2. Play the disc.
    3. Wait a moment, several files will be created on your Desktop.
    4. Upload the .m2ts file ( about 50MB ) to, share the uploaded link with us and send log file to us by email.


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