2015-05-21 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac&Windows) v2.12.0

01. Solved the unsmooth playback of some Blu-ray discs of secondary offering, such as Gone Girl, Bird Man, etc.
02. Solved the maladjusted Aspect Ratio when the playback is under multiple display.
03. Fixed the non-stable and glint picture when it’s switched to full screen.
04. Fixed the "Fail to drag the video into the player" problem under OS X 10.10.

2015-04-30 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Windows) v2.11.4

01. Solved the mute problem of some Blu-ray discs of secondary offering.

2015-04-28 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac) v2.11.4

01. Further solved some discs' audio problem.

2015-04-10 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac) v2.11.3

01. Further solved some discs' unsuccessful playback problem, such as Manakamana.
02. Solved some new discs' "Fail to open/play" problem, such as Paddigton, Story in the stars, Love Happens, Amantes, The Viking, Pladin, Gilda.

2015-01-30 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac&Windows) v2.11.2

01. Fixed the unsmooth playback of some Blu-ray discs.
02. Solved some discs' "Fail to open/play" problem.

2014-12-26 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac&Windows) v2.11.1

01. Fixed the vague audio problem of some videos.
02. Upgraded the decoder and optimized the player's performance.

2014-12-23 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac&Windows) v2.11.0

01. Fixed the mute problem of Dolby Atmos.
02. Solved the unsmooth playback of VC1 Blu-ray discs.
03. Fixed black screen and green screen for some BDs.
04. Support the playback of 4K video.
05. Optimized Hardware Acceleration function.
06. Lowered CPU usage during the playback.

2014-3-7 What's New in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac&Windows) v2.10

01. Fixed the bug of failing to play James Bond movies.
02. Support mov, flv, mp4 and other media formats and fixed the bug of Hardware Acceleration.
03. AirX function officially supports iOS 7.
04. Enable volume adjustment by touchpad on Mac.
05. Fixed the bug of failing to play some discs in Japanese, German and French.
06. Fixed the bug that the burned Blu-ray discs can not be played.
07. Fixed the bug that the Blu-ray playback has no video.
08. Windows product is renamed Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player.
09. Fixed the blank screen problem of the old Mac graphics.
10. Support playback of more Blu-ray discs, such as DIE JAHRESZEITEN, The Ends of the Earth, SNOWPIERCER, etc.
11. German translation updated.
12. Russian translation updated.
13. Compatible with Gatekeeper 10.9.5 and Yosemite 10.10.
14. Fix the incompatibility with large font.
15. Solved the unsmooth playback problem aiming at hundreds of newest discs, such as Lincoln, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rio 2, Rocky, Predator 3D, Predator 3D, Sherlock 2, Toy Story 3, Partenope, Mark Lui Thank You, X-Man Days of Future Past, Leap Year, Wall Street, Fight Club, The Sacrament, etc.
16. Fixed the playback issues that users had reported.
17. Solved the mute problem when the user plays Transformers - Age of Extension.
18. Fixed the audio playback crash problem.
19. Solved the maladjusted Aspect Ratio when the picture is switched to full screen.

2014-02-28 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.9 (Mac & Windows)

01. Fixed the bug that more than 40 Blu-ray discs had failed to be played. Such as Jobs, Casino Royale, Before Midnight, Pacific Rim Bonus, Love Actually,  Elysium, Sherlock S2 D1, Pacific Rim, The Matrix Reloaded,  Dexter, Cloud Atlas, Breaking Bad, Hawaii Five-0, Fast & Furious 6, Playing For Keeps, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 1, Evolution, etc.
02. Fixed the bug of failing to play some discs that contain messy codes in labels.
03. Fixed the bug of failing to play some DVD discs.
04. Fixed the bug that some discs have been mistaken for ISO files. 
05. Fixed the DTS 6.1 output problem.
06. Update the icons after the file association.
07. Disable autoplay on CD and DVD.
08. New function on Mac version: "Hardware Acceleration". Reduce the utilization of CPU during playback.
09. New function: Auto Play.
10. New function: Auto Update.
11. Support more Blu-ray discs' playback under "Quick Play Mode".
12. Beta function: "Blu-ray Menu Mode" added for Blu-ray playback in Mac version.
13. Armenian language added.
14. Multilanguage updated.


2013-10-31 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.8(Mac & Windows)

01. Upgraded the core of Macgo Player.
02. Fixed the bug that more than 100 discs had failed to be played, such as Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, etc.
03. Fixed the display bug in "Preferences".
04. Fixed the bug on UI.
05. Fixed the issue of "Failed to open Blu-ray disc".
06. Fixed the bug that the snapshot images failed to be opened.
07. Fixed the bug of DVD & ISO playback.
08. Fixed the messy code bug of the subtitles on Mac.
09. Improved program performance.
10. More stable playback.
11. Portuguese translation updated .
12. Japanese translation updated.


2013-02-22 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.7(Mac & Windows)

01. Fix the blurred screen bug when playing some discs.
02. Fix the bug on UI. 
03. Fixed the playback bug of some new Blu-ray Disc. 
04. Fixed black screen for some BDs. 
05. Fixed the interface bug.
06. Media information review added.
07. Christmas background released. 
08. Playback memory added. 
09. Automatic full-screen playback added. 
10. AC3 Encoded output added. 
11. The audio and video sync, and subtitles sync function added. 
12. Polish translation adde. 
13. Multi-language updated.


2012-10-31 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.6(Mac & Windows)

01. Hungarian added.
02. Optimize internal interface.
03. Portuguese translation updated.
04. Support new Blu-ray drive playback.
05. Fix some bugs raised by users.
06. Fix the bug that some BD failed to play.
07. Fixed the playing problems on Mac OS 10.5.


2012-9-27 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.5(Mac & Windows)

01. Blu-ray authorized license upgraded.
02. Multilanguage function updated.
03. Support Windows7 Live Taskbar.
04. Fix the white edge problem of the DMG background in Mac Mountain Lion OS.
05. Fix some bugs for DVD playback: blank or blurred screen, and failing to play.
06. Fix black screen when BD playback.
07. Fix the bug that some BD failed to play.
08. Fix the issue of "Share" disables.


2012-8-10 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.4 (Mac & Windows) 

01. Fix the bug of playback on Retina Display (For Mac version).
02. Fix the bug in the share feature.
03. Fix some bugs of blackscreen and playback crash.
04. Japanese, German, and Simple Chinese translation updated.
05. More stable playback.
06. Add display progress in the Windows Vista/7 taskbar (For Windows version).


2012-7-12 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.3 (Mac &Windows)

01. German and Simple Chinese language pack updated.
02. New Function: DVD regional code is modifiable.
04. Fix the bug that some users failed to connect to the authorized server.
05. Fix the bug that some BDs failed to play.
06. Fix the bug that some DVD failed to open.
07. Fix the bug on DVD playback.
08. Portuguese-Brazilian added.
09. Interface optimization.
10. Float on top added.


2012-5-22 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.2 (Mac &Windows) 

01. Player kernel upgraded.
02. More stable playback.
03. Fix the blank screen bug while playing BD.
04. Fix the unsmooth playback while playing BD.
05. Fix the bug of high CPU utilization rate while playing BD.
06. Fix some bugs on DVD playback.
07. Fix the bug that some video formats fail to play.
08. Fix some bugs of video playback.
09. Fix some interface bugs.


2012-5-10 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.1(Mac &Windows)

01. Fix the majority BD bugs of "Failed to open Blu-ray disc".
02. BD Decryption cache added.
03. Blu-ray verification server upgraded.
04. More stable playback.
05. Faster BD loading speed.
06. Fix some bugs.


2012-4-13 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v2.0(Mac &Windows)

01. Add AirX that can make Blu-ray movies playable on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
02. User Interface optimization.


2012-4-6 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v1.16 (Mac &Windows)

01. 10.8 OS supported perfectly.
02. Gatekeeper accessed.
03. Fixed some bugs.


2012-3-9 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v1.15 (Mac version)

01. Simplified Chinese file updated.
02. View recent files function added in Windows version.
03. Show recent files in Win7 jump list.
04. The bug of starting playback data disc mistakenly fixed in Mac+Win.
05. Video adjustments: HUD style added, and gamma adjust bug fixed.
06. Recent file history added.
07. Video aspect ratio adjust added.


2012-2-9 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Playerv 1.12 (Mac version)

01.Supported Full-Screen Experience of Mac OS X 10.7.
02.New function: Video adjustment added in Tools menu.
03.Title sort can be disabled in Preferences.


2012-1-17 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v1.11 (Mac version)

01. Now Mac Blu-ray Player can support the latest Mac system 10.7.3.
02. In the new “ Open Disc” window, all the CD-ROM devices on the machine can be seen.
03. Support automatically playback after insert the disc.
04. Thoroughly solve the bug that the playlist is unavailable.


2011-12-22 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v1.10 (Mac&Windows)

01. Added playlist function.
02. Fixed the bug that some DVD ISO cannot play normally.


2011-12-8 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player v1.9 (Mac&Windows)

01. Optimized the interface of the PC version.
02. Fixed some bugs on the Blu-ray navigation panel.
03. Fixed the bugs of FF & REW on some machines.
04. Fixed some bugs that DTS5.1 output was invalid on some users’ machines.
05. Fixed some bugs in play interface that click volume control bar but it doesn't work.
06. Added options of whether to display osd and track control button in the environmental control page.
07. Added “show hiden track” function in blu-ray option of preference. Check it, and all tracks will be shown.
08. Show a navigation panel before the movie playback, which helps the users select chapters, audios and subtitles.
09. Fixed the frozen interface of the PC version caused by right-clicking or dragging the document under some circumstances.
10. Added size adjustment options into the video toolbar, eg, turn video to normal size by pressing “Command” and numeric key “2” together.


2011-10-1 What's new in v1.8

01. Network can be disabled in preference (for playing decrypted content).
02. Support 5.1 audio.
03. Fixed privilege problem under guest account.
04. Hold the VolumeDown key to mute.
05. Added video deinterlace on menu.
06. Added Apple script support.
07. Added audio device on menu.Support 5.1 audio.
08. Added HUD style and classic style for fullscreen control panel.
09. Added forward and backward on menu and right-click menu.


2011-9-2 What's new in v1.7

01. Added chapter menu.
02. More accurate main title detection.
03. Added on screen display.
04. Volume can be adjust by mouse wheel.
05. More actions in context menu.
06. Added Audio channel mode selection.


2011-8-26 What's new in v1.6

01. Video deinterlace added. Audio and subtitle settings added.


2011-8-19 What's new in v1.5

01. Adding multi-language version, now we support English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Czech, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
02. Resolve the problem of playing some Blu-ray discs without sound.


2011-8-6 What's new in v1.4

01. Improved when playing some Blu-ray Disc appears black screen.
02. We use the new icon in v1.4.


2011-7-22 Mac Blu-ray Player update to v1.3

01. Added Apple Remote feature.
02. Supports Apple dock menu.
03. Added disc ejecting feature.
04. Recorded the volume set automatically and resume it.
05. Added the right-click menu.
06. Fixed minor bugs.


2011-7-15 Mac Blu-ray Player update to v1.2

01. Displaying language name in audio selection dialog.
02. Displaying language name in subtitle selection dialog.
03. Added title selection.
04. Fixed the "black-screen" bug.
05. Fixed the bug that failed decoding Blu-ray disc which contains non-ASCII characters in the label.
06. Added support for screenshot.
07. Minor bug fixes.


2011-7-8 Mac Blu-ray Player update to v1.1

01. Improve the reading speed for the internal or external Blu-ray drive, fix the problem about playback unsmoothly on Mac OS 10.6.
02. Blackscreen or crash are caused by our Bluray-key servers can not be connected. Now we will notify user when it happened.
03. Improve Blu-ray playback compatibility, more Blu-ray movies are supported.
04. Support to play online URL video. For example: http://www.sample.com/sample.avi.
05. Fix the bug that play failed due a space included in Blu-ray filename.
06. Fix some minor bugs.

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